about us

Mission Statement

Theater and arts is an integral part of our educational landscape.  Cuervo and Defendini believe that students in this town, and urban towns everyone in this nation, deserve the opportunity to express themselves as artists and be given the opportunities and the tools to let their talents take center stage.  Oftentimes, theater and arts programs in urban towns are underfunded or nonexistent, despite the fact that these diverse students have some of the most unique artistic perspectives to share with the world.  Our goal is to provide funding for future theater and  art projects in the town of North Bergen.  In addition, we would like to provide our talented theater and arts students with scholarships and grants that can help them moving forward into colleges and universities.

We are a charitable foundation and no proceeds will be used for personal  profit.  We are currently filing for a 501 (c) (3) and will update when available.